Replacement for Lost / Damage Items

  1. Replacements by Library
    Items that are not returned within 42 days (6 weeks) of the date due are presumed lost and an additional notice is issued to cover the replacement cost of the item (i.e. the amount it would cost to purchase another copy), processing fee of RM20.00 and overdue fines, if any.
  2. Replacement by Patrons
    Upon reporting the item lost, if the patrons intend to source the replacement for the item by themselves, they will need to notify the library within a week about the sourcing. If the items can be sourced locally, patrons will need to replace the book within one month from the date of the lost reported. If the item is being ordered from overseas or out of stock within the country, the procedure could take up to four months. Patrons are responsible for the processing fee of RM20.00 in addition to the replacement cost of item. The Library will impose the Replacement by Library’s procedure for failure to fulfil the replacement within the period.
  3. Replacement for Damaged Items
    Patrons will have to pay repair charges for damages done to the items borrowed. The library will send the item for repair, after which the patron will be notified as to the cost of repair. If the item is damaged beyond repair, the replacement charges will be levied as a lost item.