Fines and Notices




All overdue items RM0.50 per day per item
2-hour loan items RM0.50 per hour per item

Library items that are 42 days overdue are assumed lost and an additional notice is issued to cover the replacement cost of the item (i.e. the amount it would cost to purchase another copy), overdue fines that have accumulated, plus the processing fee of RM20.00. If the item is returned, the replacement cost is waived, however all other charges remain.

How to avoid being fines?
1. Regularly check your email 
All Curtin Users will receive Library Notices via email. You must regular check your student/staff email.
2. Check your “My Account” in the Library Catalogue
This is to keep track of the items you have on loan and when they are due. If you have problem to login to “My Account” please contact the library staff for assistance.
3. Respond to Library Notices
If you receive reminder notices from The Library, please respond either you may request for renewing or ask enquiries. If the details on the notice to be incorrect, contact the library staff immediately.
4. Keep The Library informed of any changes to your current details
Keep informed the library staff of any changes on your email address and telephone number.
5. Contact The Library
You can drop by at the Circulation Counter to check your library account or call us at 085-630037 / 630038 for further assistance.