Filming and Photography in The Library

Filming and photography in the library

To ensure we maintain the best possible study and research environment for our clients the Library requires anyone wishing to take photos or film in any Curtin Library to obtain prior permission.

Please complete the Application Form and remember to list if you will be bringing any large equipment into the library, this will need to be discussed with the approving staff member.  Whilst filming please ensure that you:

  • minimize noise and disruption to people in the library
  • seek permission if any person is to be photographed or filmed
  • only use agreed areas within the library
  • ensure the library’s lighting, furniture, air conditioning are not altered
  • list any large equipment on the application form and have discussed this with the approving library staff member.

Prior to filming or taking photos please inform staff at the Enquiries Desk of your presence and that you have obtained prior permission.
To request permission and discuss your project please email your application form to