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Curtin University

General Misconduct

General Misconduct will be managed in accordance with Statute 10 and the Rules.  Please refer to: .

 For further clarification, please refer to the Office of Student Affairs

However, the levels of offences will be referring to the following clause:

Level I
Low level offences to be dealt with directly by (The Library and Learning Commons) which may issue warning(s) and record of such offence(s) shall be kept in student’s file
Example of offences: parking, smoking and/or consuming alcohol in restricted areas, gambling, nuisance such as causing disturbances through loud noises etc

Level II
Confirmed offences not of Level I or Level III.  Alleged offenders will be dealt with through Statute 10 & Rules
Example: harassment, assault

Level III
Offences punishable under any statutory law of Malaysia shall be referred directly to the Police / Immigration and/or any relevant authority. General Misconduct falling within the Level III category will be simultaneously subject to Statute 10 & Rules
Example: blackmail, extortion, abuse and/or possession of drugs, firearms, theft, etc.