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Curtin University

Library Rules & Responsibilities

The following code of behavior governing the use of the library by the students shall be enforced in order to provide a standard of acceptable behavior:

1. Respect for other library users shall be maintained at all times.

2. Disruptive behavior, i.e. destructive or continuing activity by any individual or group of individuals which infringes on other patrons rights to use the library, shall not be permitted. Examples of such disruptive behavior are listed below. The library staff reserves the right to determine whether other conduct not listed below constitutes "disruptive behavior".
 a. Smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco in the library.
 b. Use of alcohol or narcotics in the library building or on library grounds.
 c. Consuming food or beverages is not allowed.
 d. Utilizing personal electronic equipment (examples include, but are not limited to, radios, cassette or CD players, laptop computers, cellular phones, pagers, or personal medical equipment) in such a way that it disturbs other library patrons or interferes with other patrons' use of the library.
 e. Shouting, running, pushing, or other rowdy, rambunctious or disruptive behavior.
 f. Using abusive, obscene, or profane language in such a manner as to threaten the rights or safety of another person, or infringe on the    sensibilities of others.

3. No person shall take library materials without properly borrow them out. Removal of library materials without checking them out is larceny. The library staff reserves the right to inspect the bags or parcels of any patron. In certain cases, the Campus Security may be called to do this.

4. Staff and student card must be showed every time you are visiting the Library.

5. Rights to use the Library are non-transferable.

6. Destruction or defacement of the library building, property, or library materials is punishable by the University law.

7. Appropriate attire should be worn when entering the library.

8. No person may reserve a sit in any of the facilities in the library.

9. A person may be required to leave the library if their personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operation of the library or with the ability of other patrons to use and/or enjoy the facility.

10. No pets are allowed in the library.

11. Helmets, umbrellas, raincoats and packages except for handbags and file are not permitted to be brought in to the library. There is an umbrella rack provided at the library entrance. The University, the librarians and staff are not responsible for loss of personal belongings left unattended in the library.

12. Computer and internet connection are available in the Library for free usage for registered staff and students but restrictions are as following:
 a. Accessing undesirable Internet sites and downloading, chatting, email, printing and circulating undesirable materials is strictly    prohibited.
b. Installing software or changing any of the microcomputer system set-ups or any of the Library's personal computers is also strictly    prohibited.

13. Patrons are expected to cooperate with staff when closing time is announced. Notice is given to library users approximately 10-15 minutes before closing to provide enough time to check out materials.

14. Official time for determining fines on overdue books and for other purposes will be read according to the time determined in the library automated system at the Circulation and Information Counter. The Library fines are imposed for the following reasons:
a. Failed to returned or renew library items on or before the due dates. Notices sent by the library through e-mail serve only as a reminder  and non-receipt of the notices does not absolve any member from paying fines or other penalties as stated in these rules.
  b. For any item lost, the borrower has to pay the cost of the item in the current market price plus processing fees including fines that already  incurred.
 c. Failure to return borrowed items accordingly at the end of the semester. To avoid pending result, items must be return and fines must be  cleared.

15. Clearance of accounts will be as the following:
 a. Academic or non-academic staffs that resigned, or on study leave are required to return all materials borrowed from the library.
 b. Students who postpone, withdraw, quit, terminated or have completed their courses at the University must return all borrowed materials  to the library.

16. Any person, who, in the opinion of the library staff, is engaging in conduct described here as inconsistent with the orderly operation of the library, will be asked to leave and will be expected to do so in an orderly manner. Campus security may be called if needed.

17. Library privileges may be limited by the library Chief Librarian for the following reasons:
a. Damaging library property.
b. Stealing library materials.
c. Threatening or physically harming staff or patrons.
 d. Criminal acts committed on the premises.
e. Disruptive behavior.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 085-44 3912